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What Is a GreenStar Certified part?

Who We Are


We Are Glad You Asked.

Founder & CEO

  • All Green Star "Certified Parts" are in-stock at our physical location ready to be purchased and are sourced ONLY from vehicles purchased at verified insurance auctions

  • We certify the mileage to the best of our ability with Car-Fax or with odometer 



  • The part if applicable has been tested for functionality, with video included for engines and transmission.


  • Every part is clean at pickup or delivery. 


  •  All certified parts are backed by our GSAR defining 6-month warranty or any of our optional extended warranties.


  • A Green Star Certified part represents the highest standard of reliability and excellence 


  • We encourage all our customers to visit our facility 




"The Art of Automotive Recycling"

It all starts with procurement

Tech Lead

Our All-Star sales team relays requests and parts we need to re-stock to our buying team. Who scour the auctions for the best vehicles that are low mileage to supply our customers with.

We only source parts from Insurance auctions, never from any unverified vendors or suppliers 


Then it moves to inventory

Office Manager

Once our buying team has found the right match for our customers we bring the vehicle in and inspect and inventory the vehicle verifying mileage and overall condition. Our Techs insure every vehicle that can run does and has a video to give our customers confidence in the part they buy. 

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Final inspection and cleaning 

Product Manager

The last step for our parts to be GreenStar Certified, is our final cleaning and inspection. Using an environmentally safe degreaser our washers get our parts clean like new before they ever reach our customers hands. A full inspection is done to make sure that no pieces are damaged or missing from the accident. 

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